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Re: Tempo markings & partcombine

From: Simon Albrecht
Subject: Re: Tempo markings & partcombine
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2019 16:20:45 +0200

Hello Michael,

two strategies are helpful here:

1) use \tempo and \mark for any structural information shared by all staves. I even defined an \agogicMark command for things like "rit." and "a tempo" in order to have a separate category with the proper text formatting (see attachment)

2) a separate track for tempo changes and everything else that’s shared by all other voices.

timing = {
  \time 4/4
  \partial 8
  \tempo "Lento ma vivace assai"
  \agogicMark "rit." s2 \aTempo s


On 10.06.19 14:28, Michael Seifert wrote:
        Hello everyone,

        I’m trying to transcribe a manuscript score, with the ultimate goal 
being a Lilypond file that produces a full score and separate parts.  The score 
has a few tempo changes in it, and I’m running into a problem with the tempo 
markings that I can’t figure out from the manual.  Here’s a “tiny example” of 
the issue:


\version "2.18.2"
partInotes={ c'1-"rit." c'1-"a tempo"}
partIInotes={ e'1-"rit." c'1-"a tempo" }

% Combined staff in score
\score{ \new Staff {\partcombine \partInotes \partIInotes} }
% Individual part 1
\score{ \partInotes }
% Individual part 2
\score{ \partIInotes }


What I’d like is for the tempo markings to show up (at most) once per staff in the 
score, even on combined staves;  but the tempo markings should show up in each 
individual part when it’s produced.  Right now, partcombine leads to both of the 
“rit.” markings being printed on the combined staff, despite the fact that only one 
of them is necessary.   I could remove the “rit.” marking from the one of the sets 
of “part notes", but then it won’t show up in when I produce the individual 

Surely I can’t be the first person to run into this problem;  what’s the best 
practice for this sort of situation?

Take care,

Mike Seifert

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