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Re: How can I set this piano music?

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: How can I set this piano music?
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2019 21:54:36 +0200
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Simon Albrecht <address@hidden> writes:

> On 12.06.19 22:20, Leo Correia de Verdier wrote:
>> left = \relative c {
>>   \global
>>   <<{r8 f8 as4}\\b,2>> es4 es, \fermata |
>> }
> Sorry, but in this case I have to correct the code formatting. We
> don’t have a strict code formatting policy for LilyPond in place, but
> the rules followed by the manuals, source code, and Frescobaldi’s
> autoformatting provide good guidance. The above example would be much
> more readable like this:
> left = \relative c {
>   \global
>   << { r8 f8 as 4 } \\ { b,2 } >> es4 es, \fermata |
> }
> The spaces may not be technically necessary, but if you’re at all
> going to share code with others, please put them in.

They come in handy at the latest when you are interspersing Scheme
expressions which usually end with either ) or blank space.

David Kastrup

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