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Re: How to get more measures on one line?

From: Robert Blackstone
Subject: Re: How to get more measures on one line?
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2019 10:28:04 +0200

Hi Mia,

I saw your mail but since I’m far from being a “LilyPond guru” I was not inclined to reply immediately.
I get the impression that your problem has not been solved yet. 
So maybe this can help you.
I have of course no idea what your music looks like. It sometimes just happens to me that a whole system is occupied by just one bar with all notes, as you say,  spaced way too far apart.
When, for example, I guess that 3 bars would be right I just add \break at the end of that third bar in the topmost voice, just before the barline. It usually works, not always. Sometimes there seems to be some error further down the line which prevents it.
BTW, I do not use Frescobaldi and so do not use its score wizzard.

Best regards,

Robert Blackstone

On 15 Jun 2019, at 23:20 , Mia Heaton <address@hidden> wrote:

So i'm trying to write out some music, and everything is spaced way too far apart, each line is being occupied by a single measure and I'm not sure how to condense it more to fit multiple measures on a line. I'm using Frescobaldi to write Lilypond, and I used the built in score wizard to create the document I'm working in. I haven't changed any other settings, only things there are what the wizard did for me and the music I inputted. Anybody know how to fix this? I'm definitely not smart when it comes to the technical aspects of Lilypond so simple explanations are appreciated.
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