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Re: Error message

From: Aaron Hill
Subject: Re: Error message
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2019 11:40:20 -0700
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On 2019-06-24 3:18 am, Craig Dabelstein wrote:
Hi Aaron,

Omitting the tuplet bracket doesn't help. I'm really at a loss at what to
do now.

Since your isolated measures involved tuplets, I had wondered if perhaps the issue came from the brackets. Maybe try \omit TupletNumber, both with and without \omit TupletBracket. If the issue is with the engraver, you may want to instead try adding this to your project:

\layout { \context { \Voice \remove "Tuplet_engraver" } }

However, I am probably completely off base on where the fault lies. You could try working through the other engravers one at a time similar to [1]. The hope is that you might be able to better narrow down the project into a MWE that does reproduce the error by getting rid of elements that have no effect.


While getting a repro is important, we should also be looking at ways to unblock your work. I would suggest dividing your project in sections, so that you can compile them independently without triggering the error. It does mean needing to manually stitch together multiple outputs into a single file, but at least you could continue to work on your score while the underlying bug is being investigated.


To the list at large: Any folks here with expertise in running LilyPond under a debugger on a Mac? At this point, Craig is likely going to have to get us a stack trace since only he is able to reproduce the error without sharing the whole project. Since my knowledge on that platform is extremely limited, I cannot shepherd any further.

-- Aaron Hill

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