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Re: Problems with the mailing list?

From: J Martin Rushton
Subject: Re: Problems with the mailing list?
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2019 23:36:29 +0100
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On 19/10/2019 20:27, Urs Liska wrote:
> All I can say is that I received all your original posts.
> Urs
> Am 19. Oktober 2019 19:36:40 MESZ schrieb J Martin Rushton via
> lilypond-user <address@hidden>:
>     At 18/10/2019, 23:14 I sent the following message as part of the
>     "Frescobaldi, improve support for audio export" thread:
>     ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>     Anyone planning on using VLC on Fedora, RHEL or CentOS needs to check
>     out the current situation.  For RHEL/CentOS AIUI:
>     7.7       VLC from the usual sources does not work (in fact crashes some 
> updates).
>     8.0       VLC is not available.
>     There is a VLC available through flatpack, but I've not used it (so
>     therefore cannot comment), but have seen warnings that it will pull in
>     up to 1.2 GiB of other packages including the complete KDE implementation.
>     ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>     The message does not appear to have got through to the main listing, but
>     the second and third parts of it were picked up by "Bill", and appended
>     to a note about Mint (to which they had no relevance) and labelled
>     "Curious".
>     Half of this was then picked up by Hraban with the comment "Don’t know
>     where those come from".
>     I replied to the thread pointing out the original message and the
>     context to which it belongs, and supplying the sources for the statements:
>     ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>     Nowhere did I mention Mint.  The summary is derived from traffic on the
>     CentOS maillist (address@hidden) and the CentOS forums
>     (
>     ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>     This has again failed to be published.
>     I see that Bill is again part quoting me in a new thread "vlc or
>     comverting midi to mp3".
>     Please desist from partial, out of context, quotations accompanied by
>     disparaging comments.  It is particularly important where the original
>     signature is copied in, as for Bill's first reply.
> -- 
> Diese Nachricht wurde von meinem Android-Gerät mit K-9 Mail gesendet.

Thanks Urs.  I was starting to think I was on some blacklist.  I'm still
not seeing my own posts, I'll have to investigate why.

J Martin Rushton MBCS

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