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define-markup-command with variable number of arguments

From: Karsten Reincke
Subject: define-markup-command with variable number of arguments
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2019 15:33:26 +0100
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Dear friends;

does anyone has / know about an example of a define-markup-command 
using a variable number of arguments / parameters?

Unfortunately, in my system (Linux Ubuntu 19.10 with Lilypond 2.18...) the 
GUILE / scheme syntax (define (x y . args) ) (doanythingwith args) ) seems to

The tutorial LilyPond Extending mentions that there exist such an opportunity
(page 19.), but does not contain any example.

Any help is appreciated.

many thanks Karsten
  Karsten Reincke    /\/\   (+49|0) 170 / 927 78 57
 Im Braungeröll 31   >oo<  mailto:address@hidden
60431 Frankfurt a.M.  \/

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