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Table of Contents in Two Columns?

From: Solomon Foster
Subject: Table of Contents in Two Columns?
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2019 17:33:01 -0400

Hi all,

Thanks so much for the earlier help on things I needed to get a tune book up and running.  At this point I'm successfully generating a fully functional 122 page tune book, and I'm just looking for ways to improve the appearance of things a tad.

Perhaps the biggest one (and one that will, with luck, make the book shorter) is how to get the table of contents and index to come out in two columns.

I'm using the built in table of contents facility, and the related snippet for an index.  While the ToC and index I'm generating are perfectly usable, each line in either has more than half a page of blank space between the tune name and the page number, so using two columns will make it easier to read and save about six pages in the process.

Any hints how to do this?  I've got to say, at this point I feel like not really understanding markup / markuplist is my major obstacle to getting things done.  I can't even tell in this is a simple problem I'm asking or a subtle and difficult one.


Solomon Foster: address@hidden
HarmonyWare, Inc:

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