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Re: Graphic lines create

From: Ben
Subject: Re: Graphic lines create
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2019 12:00:00 -0500
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On 11/5/2019 12:08 PM, Reggie wrote:
Karl Hammar wrote
Andrew thank you for the vibrato but you say it's able to create close to
image? How would I learn which code to change for that to happen? I
need to draw curves free as I move forward but I need SVG output so I
I'm out off luck. In Sibelius it's quite easy to draw lines and curves
ease but not LilyPond? How would you attempt this type of graphic with
possible? Do I need to use a graphic  program and create image and then
insert into measures on top of staff? Trial and error would take so long
though back and forth :( 
To just do something curvy, do something like:

zz = \markup\postscript "0 1 360 5 mul { cos 0.01 mul 0.002 add .01 exch
rlineto } for stroke"

\relative c'' {
  c4^\zz c c c |
  c c c c |

there is also a \markup\path command that possible could be useful 
since you want svg output.

/Karl Hammar

a.pdf (51K)
Karl this looks outstanding but I don't understand how the code works. Is
there a manual page for curves postscript code? Can you tell how you arrived
at the code? I'm totally unable to see anything. 

0 1 360 5 mul { cos 0.01 mul 0.002 add .01 exch rlineto }

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This page is very helpful, although it can be overwhelming if you're brand new to this sort of thing.

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