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Hiding unused staffs??

From: Guy Stalnaker
Subject: Hiding unused staffs??
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2019 17:21:10 -0600
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I'm writing a choral composition where there are varying numbers of voices in play at any one time. Starts out 4-voice SATB, then 6-voices (SAATBB), then 4 voices (TTBB), then 3 voices (SSA), then 6, then 8.

I know I can simply code 8 voices, assigning rests where voices don't sing. That's easy.

I know I can use the terrific method to remove empty staves if I do the above.

I know I can use \new Staff inside a polyphonic context.

Yet each of these methods has problems.

There can be empty staffs throughout the work. Or there can be empty staves that appear and then then vanish. Or a \new Staff starts halfway across the page (truly ugly).

Though the code gets ugly using the \new Staff method, is there an elegant way to get LP to align \new Staff always at the beginning of a line?

Or is there a different and better way to do as I describe.

Much thanks for any recommendations!


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