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Reusing score music for parts

From: Dartme
Subject: Reusing score music for parts
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2019 07:18:02 -0500

bobroff@centrum.isReply Mar 12, 2012; 10:34am said the following: "My usual practice is to write all the definitions (musical information) in one file.  Then I write other files for the score and parts.  You can "include" a file in another file.  This has the advantage that when you make edits in your "definitions" file they propagate to all the scores (parts) the next time you process them."

I have a full score and am creating parts. In the parts, I would like to have markup "verse 1", etc. Is there any way to do that without modifying music variables?

I have \versetwomusic ^"Verse 2"  but lilypond says, "Unexpected token, ^". So I'll need to put my markup *inside* \versetwomusic ? That means it will be in the score and in the parts which is undesirable.

What is the best way to deal with this situation? I guess what would be great is if I could put markup in the part like  ^\markup{ \for"part"  "Verse 1 }  and somehow only show that markup in the part.

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