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Strange gap-behaviour with whole-note tremolo Beams

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Strange gap-behaviour with whole-note tremolo Beams
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2020 12:23:44 +0100

Hi all,

I tried to improve the code from
but all my attempts resulted in inconsistent behaviour.

Thus I wrote some test-code, see bottom.

Obviously the beam is shortened while applying 'gap, though as soon as
'gap exceeds 2.0 a certain value is added and further increasing 'gap
by multiples of 0.1 leads to additions of 0.2 !?

Excerpt from terminal:

Applied gap: 1.7, shortens the Beam by: 1.7
Applied gap: 1.8, shortens the Beam by: 1.8
Applied gap: 1.9, shortens the Beam by: 1.9
Applied gap: 2.0, shortens the Beam by: 2.0
Applied gap: 2.1, shortens the Beam by: 2.107998
Applied gap: 2.2, shortens the Beam by: 2.307998
Applied gap: 2.3, shortens the Beam by: 2.507998
Applied gap: 2.4, shortens the Beam by: 2.707998

I have no clue why this happens and where those added values came from.

Any insights?


Here the test-code (printed output of 5 pages is not interesting, look
at terminal-messages)

\version "2.20.0"

\paper { ragged-right = ##f indent = 0 }

#(define (tst gap)
    \override Beam.after-line-breaking =
      #(lambda (grob)
         (let* ((sys (ly:grob-system grob))
                (bound-left (ly:spanner-bound grob LEFT))
                (bound-right (ly:spanner-bound grob RIGHT))
                (left-nc (ly:grob-parent bound-left X))
                (right-nc (ly:grob-parent bound-right X))
                (left-nc-ext (ly:grob-extent left-nc sys X))
                (right-nc-ext (ly:grob-extent right-nc sys X))
                (max-beam-length (- (car right-nc-ext) (cdr left-nc-ext)))
                (x-pos (ly:grob-property grob 'X-positions))
                (beam-length (interval-length x-pos)))
           (format #t "\nApplied gap: ~a, shortens the Beam by: ~a"
             (- max-beam-length beam-length))))

    \override = $gap

    \repeat tremolo  #8 { a'16 a' }

$@(map (lambda (gap) (tst gap)) (iota 61 0 0.1))

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