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Alignment issues of Time signature above the staff

From: Chen Leo
Subject: Alignment issues of Time signature above the staff
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2020 10:29:18 +0000

Hi, I am trying to put time signatures above the staffs according to "".


I discovered an issue, that is whenever a clef change is made, the time signature on the next bar fails to align to the bar line, it aligns to the cue clef in the previous bar instead. After some research, I found out that this is because the TimeSignature property "break-align-symbol" is set to "##f". I set "break-align-symbol" back to "#'time-signature", and this problem is solved, however, the horizontal alignments of the other time signatures are messed up. (Using the code presented below, the 4/4 in the first bar moves to the right & the bar rest on the third bar stretches to the right. ) Are there any ways to align all the time signatures to their corresponding bar lines without changing the alignments of other objects? Thank you.


\version "2.20.0"


\layout {

  \context {

    \type "Engraver_group"

    \consists "Time_signature_engraver"

    \consists "Axis_group_engraver"

    \name "TimeSig"

    \alias "Staff"

    \override TimeSignature.font-size = #4

    \override TimeSignature.break-align-symbol = #'time-signature

    \override TimeSignature.X-offset =


    \override TimeSignature.self-alignment-X = #LEFT

    \override TimeSignature.after-line-breaking =



  \context {


    \accepts TimeSig


  \context {


    \remove "Time_signature_engraver"




timeSignatures = { \numericTimeSignature \time 4/4 s1 \time 3/8 s4. \time 3/4 s2. }


\score {


    \new TimeSig \timeSignatures

    \new Staff \relative c' { c4 ( d4 e4 f4 ) a4 ( g8 ) R2. }

    \new Staff \relative c' { R1 R4. \clef bass a2. }

    \new Staff \relative c' { R1 R4. R2. }



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