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Re: Can I include a picture?

From: Martin Wadsack
Subject: Re: Can I include a picture?
Date: Wed, 08 Jul 2020 12:51:30 +0200

Am Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2020, 09:03:25 CEST schrieb Martin Tarenskeen:
> On Wed, 8 Jul 2020, Carl Sorensen wrote:
> >  ImageMagick?
> inkscape ?
> I am getting better quality eps export with inkscape (commandline) compared
> to ImageMagick (convert commandline tool), but I haven't explored the
> endless number of options of both yet.

As David pointed out there is the \epsfile command in LilyPond, so the picture 
you want to include needs to be converted to eps. As Carl and Martin said, you 
could use inkscape or imagemagick:

If the file you want to include is a pdf or svg file, I would recommend to use 
inkscape for the conversion to eps. As I just noticed the command line syntax 
seems to have changed recently. Now it should look like:

inkscape --export-type="eps" my_file.pdf
There is a good description on

In older versions it was:
inkscape -f in.svg -A out.pdf

Please keep in mind that imagemagick is only able to deal with raster 
graphics, which means that if the file you want to convert is a vector graphic 
like svg or pdf, imagemagick converts it to a raster graphic regarless of the 
file format you want to get (even if the output format is a vector graphic like 
pdf or eps), which means that you loose information anyway.

If you choose imagemagick to convert a vector graphic I would recommend to the 
-density option:
convert in.pdf -density 360 out.jpg

If you don't specify -density, imagemagick assumes the standard value which I 
think about 100. This produces rather bad results. The higher you set the 
value für -density option, the better the results are. I would recommend to 
take a value which is at least 250.

If your input file is a raster graphic like png, jpg or tif, the -density 
option is not necessary.

Kind regards

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