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Forced lyric hyphen

From: Fr. Samuel Springuel
Subject: Forced lyric hyphen
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 2020 10:33:38 -0400

Is there a tweak/override that can be applied which will force a particular 
lyric hyphenEvent to always appear show its hyphen (moving lyrics/notes around 
if needed)?  I’m trying to deal with hyphenated words (“loving-kindness” in 
this particular example) and the hyphenEvent hyphen disappears under some 
circumstances if I use it exclusively and manually inserting a text hyphen into 
one of the syllables makes for an inconsistent double hyphen in others:

\version "2.20.0"

\new Staff
    \new Voice = "mel" { g' g' g' g' }
    \new Lyrics \lyricsto "mel" { lov -- ing -- kind -- ness }

\new Staff
    \new Voice = "mel" { g'( f') g'( f') g'( f') g'( f') }
    \new Lyrics \lyricsto "mel" { lov -- ing- -- kind -- ness }

Fr. Samuel, OSB
(R. Padraic Springuel)
St. Anselm’s Abbey
4501 South Dakota Ave, NE
Washington, DC, 20017
(c) 202-853-7036


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