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Naming RFC: Properties, property sets, presets

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Naming RFC: Properties, property sets, presets
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2020 15:38:03 +0200
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Hi all,

I'm writing some documentation for the new openLilyLib feature set of
properties, and I think this is the (last) moment to clarify some of
the naming.

I have implemented the concept of a set of properties, which is a place
to store typed variables. I'm pretty confident that the terms
"property" and "property set" are appropriate. To demonstrate:

\definePropertySet my-function.appearance
#`((thickness ,number? 1)
   (color ,color? ,red)
   (label ,markup? "")
   (extra-width ,number-pair? (0 . 0))
   (Y-position ,integer? 0))

This defines the set of properties applicable for my-function, along
with type predicates and default values.

Property values can (if necessary) be retrieved with
  \getProperty my-function.appearance.label
and changed with
  \setProperty my-function.appearance.color #green
  \setProperty my-function.appearance.color "blue" % fails type check

The actual use of properties is from within functions:

myFunction =
#(with-property-set define-music-function (mus)(ly:music?)
  '(my-function appearance)
    \once \override NoteHead.color = #(property 'color)

Within a function created with the with-property-set macro a function
(property <key>) is available to produce the current value of the
property (which can be the currently set global value or a value passed
in the function

  \myFunction c' % => (property 'color) => red
  \setProperty my-function.appearance.color #blue
  \myFunction c' % => (property 'color) => blue
  \myFunction \with { color = #green } c' % => (property 'color) =>


So far I'm pretty sure property and property set is the right naming.
However, there's one more step, and here I have been suggested to
reconsider the naming.

Properties can not only be changed globally or per instance but also
through something I so far call "presets". Alternative suggestions for
that concept were "contexts" or "environment", but I'm really not
convinced about them. So I'm looking for either common support for
either name or a better suggestion.

A "preset" is a subset of a property set with individual property
values. When invoking the function a preset can be requested while
properties not included in the preset are left unchanged. Presets can
inherit to create cascading structures.

\definePreset \with {
  thickness = 3
  Y-position = 2
} my-function.appearance default

\definePreset \with {
  parent = default
  color = #green
} my-function.appearance style-one

\definePreset \with {
  parent = default
  color = #magenta
} my-function.appearance style-two

Using it the properties included in the preset are used while others
keep the current global value. Additionally arbitrary properties can be
overridden locally:

  \myFunction \with {
    preset = style-two
    label = "Foo"
    thickness = 2 % properties from presets can be overridden too
  } c'


So, to cut a long story short: What do you think this "is", i.e this
should be named: presets, contexts, environments, something else? If
you should think about styles, this has been discussed before, but a
property set isn't necessarily limited to matters of appearance, it
could configure arbitrary things, e.g. export target, lyrics language,
composition algorithm parameters, anything.

Actually I'd prefer one of two answers: A confirmation that I'm good to
go with "preset", or a better suggestion that is so striking that I can
immediately go with it.


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