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Re: 2.21 and OLL

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: 2.21 and OLL
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2020 23:16:53 +0200
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Simon Albrecht <> writes:

> Hi Urs et al.,
> On 15.07.20 08:15, Urs Liska wrote:
>> MWE please, and the error message.
> This one is very minimal :-)
> %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% \version "2.21.0" \include "oll-core/package.ily"
>                  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
> =>
> Starting lilypond 2.21.0 [Untitled]... Processing
> `/tmp/frescobaldi-ux6dspgj/tmpa64z83u_/' Parsing... 
> /home/simon/openlilylib/oll-core/package.ily:57:2: error: GUILE
> signaled an error for the expression beginning here # (if (not
> (defined? 'openlilylib-root)) Value out of range 0 to
> 18446744073709551615: -1 fatal error: failed files: 
> "/tmp/frescobaldi-ux6dspgj/tmpa64z83u_/" Exited with return
> code 1.

When the C++ code converts a Scheme value to integral types, recent
changes in LilyPond's Guile interfaces now make sure that the value
actually can be represented by the given type.  The value here would
appear to be -1 which has no representation in an unsigned int.

No idea where this happens, but maybe this helps someone else figuring
out where OpenLily was likely previously triggering undefined behavior
and now causes an error exit.

David Kastrup

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