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Re: Wish: Syntax of text spanners

From: Andrew Bernard
Subject: Re: Wish: Syntax of text spanners
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2020 13:56:07 +1000

Well, text spanners are pressed into service for dozens of things.
Here's a random example from my scores:

  % text spanner for repeat
  \once \override = #'line
  \once \override TextSpanner.thickness = #2
  \once \override TextSpanner.bound-details.left.text =
  \markup {
    \path #0.25 #leftBracketPath
    \general-align #Y #CENTER \sans \upright " repeat + "
  \once \override TextSpanner.bound-details.right.text =
  \markup {
    \path #0.25 #rightBracketPath
  \once \override TextSpanner.bound-details.left-broken.text = ##f
  \once \override TextSpanner.bound-details.right-broken.text = ##f
  \override TextSpanner.bound-details.right-broken.padding = ##f
  \override TextSpanner.bound-details.right.padding = #8
  \override TextSpanner.bound-details.left.padding = #-4

I have no trouble with that personally, and I require all the fine detail.

I can see your objections, but removing this capability from lilypond
would never get up as a suggestion. Furthermore, there is nothing
stopping your creating your own music functions and so do to achieve
what you have described,

Here's an example of that, for doing things like SP-----> NAT for violin.

% use with startTextSpan and stopTextSpan

stringTechnique =
  (left right)
  (markup? markup?)
  "string technique markup"
  \once \override TextSpanner.font-name = "Libertinus Sans Bold"
  \once \override TextSpanner.font-size = #-4
  \once \override TextSpanner.bound-padding = #1.0
  \once \override = #'line
  \once \override TextSpanner.bound-details.right.arrow = ##t
  \once \override TextSpanner.bound-details.left.text = #left
  \once \override TextSpanner.bound-details.right.text = #right
  \once \override TextSpanner.bound-details.right.padding = #0.6
  \once \override TextSpanner.bound-details.right.stencil-align-dir-y = #CENTER
  \once \override TextSpanner.bound-details.left.stencil-align-dir-y = #CENTER
  \once \override TextSpanner.bound-details.left-broken.text = ##f
  \once \override TextSpanner.bound-details.right-broken.text = ##f

Given the enormous flexibility in defining lilypond functions and the
use of Scheme for extensions and customisations, I don't think rushing
to change syntax is a good idea, apart from the fact that you would
have huge problems with backwards compatibility.


On Wed, 22 Jul 2020 at 07:28, Martín Rincón Botero
<> wrote:
> Hey all,
> this is a feature request. I'm sorry, if this is already being discussed or 
> if a solution is coming behind the scenes. I couldn't find any message other 
> than a mention to I 
> find the lack of a proper text spanner syntax uncomfortable.

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