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Is it possible to import scores generated by Lilypond to other softwares

From: Parviz Farnia
Subject: Is it possible to import scores generated by Lilypond to other softwares?
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2020 14:27:27 +0200


Recently, I've started learning Lilypond (I'm completely a newbie in this field). I'm impressed by the excellent quality of the scores one can produce via Lilypond. I was wondering whether it is possible to import scores generated by Lilypond to professional softwares allowing to play music. Let's say you've composed a piece for symphony orchestra and you wish to hear it for example by using Kontakt (Native instruments), well it's just an example, obviously there are many other professional softwares out there. So my question is: Is this possible or everything stops there once the PDF output of the score has been created by Lilypond and therefore one will have to create again manually everything from scratch on the other software for playing it?

I tried Frescobaldi's MIDI player, but the sound quality was not even close to the music instruments. Somewhat the quality was a bit better using Finale, but if Lilypond is the solution that I choose to learn and use, I would like to know what are the possibilities to transfer the generated score to other (professional) softwares (any suggestion is welcomed) for playing the piece?

Thanks in advance.

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