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Re: What happened to INSTALL.txt?

From: H. S. Teoh
Subject: Re: What happened to INSTALL.txt?
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2020 09:25:11 -0700

On Sat, Jul 25, 2020 at 09:47:16AM +0200, Jonas Hahnfeld wrote:
> Hi,
> Am Freitag, den 24.07.2020, 15:14 -0700 schrieb H. S. Teoh:
> > I pulled lilypond sources from git today, and while trying to figure
> > out a botched configure invocation, I did a git clean -x -f, and now
> > INSTALL.txt doesn't exist anymore...?  I did a fresh git clone from
> > git:// but same thing, INSTALL.txt seems
> > to have gone missing?
> INSTALL.txt is not tracked in git, but generated from texinfo sources
> when running ./configure (or ./ For that reason, it was
> removed with git-clean.

Ah, thanks! That explains it.

Seems to me like kind of a chicken-and-egg problem, though. In order to
build lilypond I need to read INSTALL.txt, but in order to read
INSTALL.txt, I need to build lilypond first...  I ended up googling for
the file on the website and following the steps from there instead.


Тише едешь, дальше будешь.

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