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Re: unable to install version 2.0

From: David Wright
Subject: Re: unable to install version 2.0
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2020 20:08:37 -0500
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On Fri 04 Sep 2020 at 17:11:27 (-0400), Tom Swan wrote:
> […] Yes, I do set the PATH (in my case in .bashrc)

Not the best place, though many people will notice nothing wrong.
When you enter a subshell, you get another modification of PATH
at each and every level. Presumably you source or "dot in" .bashrc
in your profile. If you want the lowdown, I always consult
(Neither he nor I uses a DM/DE.)

> and I also use bash aliases similarly.

Aliases are fine: you normally only expect them to work in interactive
shells, and they don't grow like PATH and other environment variables
when defined recursively.

> I might have the install problem solved.

Great. And thanks for posting text.


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