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Re: Dynamics context

From: antlists
Subject: Re: Dynamics context
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2020 17:03:59 +0100
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On 07/09/2020 17:01, Martín Rincón Botero wrote:
I wanted to ask if using the Dynamics context is the simplest way available in Lilypond for achieving this kind of vertically aligned dynamics. The huge drawback of the Dynamics context is that it disrupts the syntax, since dynamics can’t be used next to the first note they’re attached to, but instead they need a separate variable, reducing readability of the actual “music”.

Just to throw my two-pennorth in, while I didn't know about the dynamics context, I've started separating dynamics out ...

I do band parts, and if the dynamics are replicated across, say, all trombones I find it easier to have the notes in one variable, the dynamics in another, and to merge them for each part. Especially as, although I haven't really been doing scores, I can then merge all the trombone parts, and the dynamics, to put them on one line of the score.

It's not unusual for different instruments to have different dynamics, as usually the cornets have the melody in the first section, then the bass instruments in the trio, often with the middle instruments such as trombones and euphs having a middle section. So whoever's got the melody might be ff, with the others p underneath.

At the end of the day, horses for courses and if it doesn't work for you then fine. But it does work for people like me :-)


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