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Re: Scheme predicative types

From: Aaron Hill
Subject: Re: Scheme predicative types
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2020 01:31:46 -0700
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On 2020-09-17 1:30 am, Aaron Hill wrote:
On 2020-09-17 1:14 am, Lukas-Fabian Moser wrote:
Hi Aaron,
The three forms

 * \tempo 4 = 96
 * \tempo Crazy 4 = 260-270
 * \tempo "Sluggishly slow"

are hardcoded as variants into the parser. My guess is that this might
be hard (or impossible) to accomplish in a music function.

You just need to be a little creative.
That's what I hoped would happen. :-) If I understand it correctly,
both the genius and the drawback of your solution lies in having the
user write an explicit "\tempo" in order to invoke the parser's
hard-wired way of dealing with the possible syntax variants, right?

That is correct.  In this situation, though, it might be too much to
ask of the user.

"might *not* be", that is.  :P

-- Aaron Hill

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