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From: Lukas-Fabian Moser
Subject: Re:
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2020 11:30:23 +0200
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Hi Stefan,

Am 17.09.20 um 10:02 schrieb Stefan Thomas:
Dear community,
the following code is very old, written by Rune Zedeler, but it is very useful.
It allows You define a motive like:
\motiv #'Stefan {c'8 d' c' d' e2}
and later it can be used like this:
\Stefan {e f g }
and You will get
{e8 f e f g2 }
it can save a lot of typing.
Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work with lilypond 2.20.0
Has someone an idea, how I can get it working with lilypond 2.20.0?
Thanks in advance for any hint!
Here is the definition, that works with 2.18.2.:


Please make sure that you give complete and correct descriptions of the problem:

- First, it's easier to help you (and most people are, with good reasons, only willing to do so) if you provide _complete_ files. It's a good idea to test compiling them immediately before sending your mail :-).

- Second, please make sure your claims are correct: Combining your "motiv" definition with your usage examples \motiv #'Stefan ... and \Stefan { e f g } gives a file that works neither with 2.18.2 nor with a current version of LilyPond. (One reason it can't work with 2.18.2 is that somebody already removed half of the then mandatory "parser" and "location" arguments, so I suspect you already tried convert-ly.)

Now for the actual problem: The \motiv function turns _pitches_ (in the given rhythmical motif) into "indices" into a list of pitches you provide. In doing so, c' is taken to mean "first pitch", "d'" means "second pitch", and so on. So the problem lies in your definition of

\motiv #'Stefan {c'8 d' c' d' e2}

where "e" means "-5th pitch" (count downwards from c'!) Nobody knows what the -5th pitch in a list might be :-).

Find attached a version working in current LilyPond. The only things I changed in the definition of \motiv are the omission of parser/location (not needed anymore) and reformatting.


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