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Re: Unable to attach a bend to an \afterGrace note with the bend spanner

From: Andrew Bernard
Subject: Re: Unable to attach a bend to an \afterGrace note with the bend spanner
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2020 11:20:43 +1000
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Re OLL, why not, actually? Putting into OLL is a simple matter of creating a directory and placing the unmodified code in a file names module.ily. It's nice to provide an example file to go along with it as well. That's very little 'adaptation'.

Urs and I are trying to promote OLL by explaining how easy it is to use, and how useful. Fragmenting there world into core, LSR, OLL, GIT of various flavors make it harder for the poor end user I would say. That's four sources for code for end users all with different usages. I am not fond of fragmentation. I cannot imagine Harm would object to being in OLL. The pedal code I worked on with him is there already, and he has never objected.

Happy to help putting it in OLL. It may not happen for a decade, or it may never happen, but as far as getting new things into core, I would like to think that OLL modules are a prime candidate, not isolated git repos here and there.

If it works great and people are using, then it's perfectly suitable for OLL.


On 23/09/2020 7:51 am, Federico Bruni wrote:

I'm against the idea of putting it in OLL.
As it's still a work in progress, Harm so far worked on his own files (no git) and post them on the mailing list. The snippets on OLL should follow some guidelines and I'm not willing to adapt Harm's code to OLL in first place (or if/when a new version is available).

But the code, even if not perfect, is working great already and some people are using it. That's why I think it should be hosted on gitlab.
I will open a thread on lilypond-devel.

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