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How to shift trill to below phrasing slur?

From: Andy Bradford
Subject: How to shift trill to below phrasing slur?
Date: 1 Dec 2020 07:58:39 -0700


I have a small section of music that has a trill that Lilypond places on
top of a phrasing  slur, but I would like it  beneath (between the staff
and the slur).

I've tried to use:

-\tweak Y-offset #-3 \trill

And it doesn't seem to have any effect at all (even though modifications
to the X-offset do). I've also looked at the avoid-slur property but I'm
not sure I know how to use  it (and attempts I've made haven't seemed to
make a difference).

Here's MWE:

\version "2.18.2"

\score {
    \time 12/8
    \relative c' { 
      a8 b\( c a b c d e f d e f 
      g a b g a b c2.
      d2.\trill \grace { c16 d } e2.\)

Thanks for any suggestions.


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