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Help a newb: Formatting custom instrument names

From: Michael Blankenship
Subject: Help a newb: Formatting custom instrument names
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 2020 12:59:16 -0500


I’m trying to use an instrument name as a sort of clef for a 12 line staff, where a column of characters are engraved just before the staff and each row of characters lines up with one of the 11 staff spaces. 

So far I’ve only been able to assign the column of text to the instrument name, but it’s WAY to big and spaced out. I tried to find the commands to tweak the instrument name in the reference manuals, but I just couldn’t figure it out. I need to tweak the size of the font, the vertical scale (assuming the characters are evenly spaced vertically) and the position. Can anyone help out a hapless newbie? 

Here’s the code i’ve got so far:
\new Staff \with { 
instrumentName = \markup {
               \roman {
                 \right-column {
               } } } 
             shortInstrumentName = \markup {
               \roman {
                 \right-column {
               } } }

and here’s a screen cap of the output so far:


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