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Re: Help a newb: Formatting custom instrument names

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: Help a newb: Formatting custom instrument names
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 2020 22:02:23 +0100
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Hi Michael,

I think, going by this description, that maybe an InstrumentName is actually the simplest solution.

In order to right-align the instrument names, try the attached diff (using git apply).

It's basically a matter of

- adding an \override InstrumentName.self-alignment-X = #RIGHT (for right-aligning the instrument name block as a whole), - creating a variant of the (now renamed) \unit-height-column command for a \unit-height-right-column.

Feel free to give me your GitLab user name so I can give you push access over the repository.

Also, I'm quite sure it's possible to accomodate for arbitrary staff space. By which method do you change those?

Currently, it's defined in draw-staff-symbol.ily as an output definition variable. Now that you spot it, I should most likely change this to overriding StaffSymbol.staff-space and use ly:staff-symbol-staff-space in the stencil...


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