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Re: new compositions - typesetting - guitar

From: Tom Cloyd MS MA
Subject: Re: new compositions - typesetting - guitar
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 2020 17:21:39 -0800
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I am a classic guitarist, and have composed and set (with Lily) approximately 50 pieces for guitar myself. I am delighted to see you offer your work for consideration. I will print it out and play through all of with real interest. I'd be happy to offer you feedback, although I have no time to do so in writing until after tomorrow at the earliest, due to other demands on my time.

If I may suggest, should you provide your code as well it would be possible also to comment about that. There are definitely some tricks to efficient production of scores for classic guitar, and I've been the fortunate recipient of some good advice by others who knew I could use it. I could pass on to you what I've learned, if it seems appropriate after seeing your code.


On 12/8/20 12:38 PM, bart deruyter wrote:
Hello everyone,

I have a question which is not strictly about lilypond, but more about typesetting music in general, and music in general. I hope it still fits within the bounds of this mailing list.

Triggered by an online course I've been following, I have been working on some music for classical guitar and I've tried to create the score for it.
It is something I never have done, composing for classical guitar, so this series of 5 pieces is what I'd call my first 'opus' :-p.

Of course, I've made the score with lilypond, and the front page was done in Inkscape. You'll see by the style that I tried to use the look of some of the scores you can find from the time of Giuliani, Mertz, Sor, etc... When you read or play the music you'll find it is also based on music from that time.

My question then is both complicated and simple, is it any good and why, or why not? :-)
Would this be good enough to publish?

Being mostly self-taught brings one big disadvantage: there is nobody to get feedback from. And that is something I really need. So, if you feel like taking a look at it, and if you spot errors, or if you have any advice on how to change the look, layout, anything to create a good score, if it needs any change, I'd be very grateful to hear your comments. 

If you'd be a composer and/or guitarist, of course, feel free to share your thoughts on the music too.



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