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Re: new compositions - typesetting - guitar

From: bart deruyter
Subject: Re: new compositions - typesetting - guitar
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2020 10:48:42 +0100


thanks for the interest.
About sharing the code, as I already mailed privately to Tom, I'm not going to do that, because I don't really know yet what I can do with the music and sheet music, but the main reason is that there are some includes which would require a correct path. I'm sure anyone here could fix that, but the library of includes is so messed up that only I can really make use of it :-). Cleaning that up is one of the priorities on my 'todo' items :-p.


Op wo 9 dec. 2020 om 01:13 schreef Devin Ulibarri <>:

I am a guitarist and I would love to read through it.

If, for some reason I do not get back to you in a day or two, please
feel free to ping me.

(Kind of busy, but very interested.)


bart deruyter:
> Hello everyone,
> I have a question which is not strictly about lilypond, but more about
> typesetting music in general, and music in general. I hope it still fits
> within the bounds of this mailing list.
> Triggered by an online course I've been following, I have been working
> on some music for classical guitar and I've tried to create the score
> for it.
> It is something I never have done, composing for classical guitar, so
> this series of 5 pieces is what I'd call my first 'opus' :-p.
> Of course, I've made the score with lilypond, and the front page was
> done in Inkscape. You'll see by the style that I tried to use the look
> of some of the scores you can find from the time of Giuliani, Mertz,
> Sor, etc... When you read or play the music you'll find it is also based
> on music from that time.
> My question then is both complicated and simple, is it any good and why,
> or why not? :-)
> Would this be good enough to publish?
> Being mostly self-taught brings one big disadvantage: there is nobody to
> get feedback from. And that is something I really need. So, if you feel
> like taking a look at it, and if you spot errors, or if you have any
> advice on how to change the look, layout, anything to create a good
> score, if it needs any change, I'd be very grateful to hear your comments. 
> If you'd be a composer and/or guitarist, of course, feel free to share
> your thoughts on the music too.
> Thanks,
> Bart
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