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Re: point and click vim (not gvim) xfce4

From: damianlegassick
Subject: Re: point and click vim (not gvim) xfce4
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2020 11:20:27 -0000


On 12 December 2020 at 3:29, David Wright <> wrote:

On Fri 11 Dec 2020 at 15:09:38 (-0000), damianlegassick wrote:
On 11 December 2020 at 14:38, David Wright <> wrote:
On Fri 11 Dec 2020 at 12:59:41 (-0000), damianlegassick wrote:
On 11 December 2020 at 12:41, damianlegassick <> wrote:
Hi (and sorry to those weary of the point and click questions)
can anybody share their method for:
vim (not gvim)
a.n.other pdf viewer
one thing is that is wrong re xpdf in that urlCommand is obsolete and does nothing (since 2017 apparently)

Are we to assume that your email address is saying something about the
platform you're running on?

My experience with vim is that, by default, the server name was still
GVIM, rather than VIM.

I've not used xfce4, nor a.n.other, but the way in which a viewer
invokes point-and-click varies from browser to browser.

Xpdf here still uses the line
urlCommand "lilypond-invoke-editor %s"
to invoke the editor (in ~/.xpdfrc).

Evince and zathura required the Gnome approach outlined in the guide.
AIUI that goes through MIME (xdg-mime), rather than a direct call.

This system is Arch in Virtualbox on Windows 10.

looking online urlCommand has been deprecated in xpdf for some time.
If I run xpdf from the terminal with that line in .xpdfrc I get 'Unknown config file command 'urlCommand'.

It appears that Archlinux has moved to Xpdf version 4, whereas Debian
uses version 3. I don't know why urlCommand has been removed, but
maybe the Arch lists/forums/wiki might help. Nor do I know how or
whether LP's textedit URL's would be workable with "launch"-type
links mentioned in that forum and in xpdf's documentation.

The problem seems more with xfce, where a textedit: click invokes both exo-open and xdg-open. I can't figure out how either of them handle URLs

Then it sounds as if XFCE's browser honours LP's URLs. I read that
exo-open is specific to XFCE, so you'd presumably configure that
one, and leave the other unconfigured. OTOH if you can't find
exo-open's documentation, then at least LP documents xdg-open in
the Usage manual.

setting LYEDITOR to geary or atom doesn't help.

I don't remember the outcome in the atom discussion (concerning the
line/column arguments). You can study the invocations about 90% through
lilypond/usr/share/lilypond/current/scm/editor.scm (substitute your
path elements). But the problem seems to be morphing.

I'll try Gnome if I'm on my own with xfce4

Sorry, I can't keep up. The last iteration of my experience is given in
these posts. Their references and follow-ups have other experiences that
might differ from mine, and even be more applicable to your case(s).
Just pick and choose what information you need.

And there was also a thread in March 2019, which IIRC concerned itself
mainly with the interaction of point-and-click with apparmor.


Hi David, thanks for the patient reply

Sorry, I can't keep up. 

lol. yes I'm flailing a bit. This all stems from the fact that I don't have my mac atm and I've decided that I do want point and click after all. I've various VMs, distros, desktops etc, WSL...just for lilypond.

with the gnome3 instructions from Usage Manual
exo-open textedit:///etc/issue:1:0:0
xdg-open textedit:///etc/issue:1:0:0 
both correctly invoke lilypond-invoke-editor with LYEDITOR=geany or LYEDITOR=atom.

two problems remain

LYEDITOR=gvim only works with the gvim package installed. I can't get plain vim in the terminal launched

clicking the links in either xpdf or foxit still does nothing.

I did read those earlier threads thanks.

I'll keep chipping away



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