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Re: point and click vim (not gvim) xfce4

From: David Wright
Subject: Re: point and click vim (not gvim) xfce4
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2020 10:49:56 -0600
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On Mon 14 Dec 2020 at 14:10:41 (-0000), damianlegassick wrote:
> Short-ish answer: I still can't get point and click to work in Xfce4 with 
> *any* editor. Invoking the clicked pdf links from a GUI seems blocked in some 
> way: the embedded links open correctly from the terminal with Geany and 
> Gvim/Vim.

To be fair, your last clause exonerates the *editors* if it's saying
that xdg-open … works.

What you appear not to have revealed is the PDF viewers you have
tried, beyond mentioning "a.n.other", and also what you actually
observe when you write "seems blocked".

One possibility is that particular browsers may be configured to check
with apparmor whether they're authorised to open the link. This might
be revealed in syslog by typing

$ zgrep apparmor /var/log/syslog* | less

where you would see lines containing apparmor="DENIED". (You might
need some sort of privilege to read the logs.) These lines help you
craft the correct contents for the configuration modification that
might be necessary. (Apparmor is still being introduced into some
distributions as security tightens up.)

> However, the exact same instructions work under Gnome. I'm not wedded to Xfce 
> so I gave up and built a new Gnome VM.
> the Vim bundled with Arch was not complied with server option, but their Gvim 
> package includes a Vim binary which is. So...


> xpdf4 opens the embedded :textedit links correctly in Gnome via xdg-open, so 
> it doesn't need version 3's urlCommand option.

So it looks as if the Usage manual ought to be modified:

"Xpdf" → "Xpdf v.3"

Xpdf v.4 should direct to Gnome3 section.

IMO I'd like a rewrite of the terminology used in §4.1.1 of Usage.
I'm now counting three PDF viewers which need to use the xdg-open
mechanism for point-and-click: Xpdf4, evince and zathura, and this is
irrespective of whether or not you're running Gnome as your Desktop.
The requirement comes with the applications; I don't run any Desktop.

And, of course, gnome-open → xdg-open.


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