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Re: avoid alignment of hairpin and dynamic text

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: avoid alignment of hairpin and dynamic text
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2021 20:21:21 +0100
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Le 01/02/2021 à 18:10, Werner LEMBERG a écrit :

[we are actually on the wrong e-mail list, but...]

Reason is that the order of events at a given moment is not
specified.  [...]
Are you sure about the order of events not being guaranteed?
Yes, see David's response to something similar syntax-wise that I
tried some time ago:

   For simultaneous events, LilyPond has no order.  That's why one
   needs to have one phase for recording events and another for doing
   something based on them.

The problem is parallel music.

The important e-mails in the thread start with


Indeed, you are right. Even though I don't see
a reason why events on a single note would not
be processed in order by an engraver operating
on Voice level, the expected behavior with
something like

<< { c'1\p\< c'1\f\> } { s1 s1\breakDynamicSpan } >>

is not at all clear.

Actually, maybe you could manage to make
\breakDynamicSpan a music function. Perhaps as
simple as

breakDynamicSpan = \tweak spanner-broken ##t

if the current code is updated to account for
that (I did not check in detail).

That would break some current uses such as
c'1\<\breakDynamicSpan which were clearly intended
(see input/regression/
and commit cf3642858a2 by Reinhold). Now, it's not
like the feature has been undocumented so far…


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