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partcombine does not print rests

From: Kenneth Wolcott
Subject: partcombine does not print rests
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2021 14:08:22 -0800


  Another Lilypond self-assigned learning exercise is for me to
engrave a transcription for Piano of Gounod's Ave Maria which has two
bass clef lines, one consisting of whole notes and another with a
quarter rest, half note and quarter note pattern.  My engraving
attempt, using partcombine for the two bass clef lines does not print
the quarter rest, but treats it as a space note.

  Do I have to abandon partcombine and use the

<< {} \\ {} >>

construct to obtain what I want?

  I have attached the example pdf (from at 134k,
Gounod_Ave_Maria_for_Piano.pdf), my engraving of the example
(Ave_Maria.pdf) and my Lilypond source (  I have not yet
created a MWE for this observation.

  I'm not very good at deriving a good search string for this in order
for me to look in the mailing list archives and/or to use a google
search; perhaps someone could assist me with that as well?  Like
trying to teach me how to fish rather than giving me a fish? :-)

Ken Wolcott

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