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Re: Custom music notation?

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: Custom music notation?
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2021 15:36:41 +0000
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This could be done relatively easily with lilypond.


The different note heads for different steps in the chromatic scale is already used, but will need some modification for you.


Changing the staff position from a note-based position to an ocatave-based position is slightly more work, but doable.


The beams that are flat within a renova and changing slope between two renovas is something lilypond doesn’t know about.


Personally, I am not interested in doing development on this.  I do not wish to rain on your parade, but in my opinion, PMN does a poor job of representing pitch.  The only pitch changes that are graphical are the renova changes.  The other pitch changes are just shown by shape changes, and thus are very hard for me to follow.


A second disadvantage of this notation, as I understand it, is that is eliminates any sense of the melodic scale degree, which is important to my understanding of western music.




Carl Sorensen



From: lilypond-user <> on behalf of Pashkuli Keyboard <>
Date: Thursday, February 4, 2021 at 8:27 AM
To: "" <>
Subject: Custom music notation?


Hello, Lilypond users and developers.

I have designed a music notation system called Plain Music Notation or PMN for short.

But unfortunately I am not a software developer at all.



I wrote to the guys at regarding some contradiction in their 'criteria' for proposing custom music notations on their website, but since also my notation does not comply to at least two of their 'criteria', I was allowed to upload it in the 'wiki board' of their site.


I would really like to find one software developer or maybe two, who would eventually find the idea interesting enough, so in their spare time to make it as a working program (preferably free and open source).


If Lilypond devs can give some advices or instruction on how I can modify the code to be able to get PMN in some early working pre-alpha stage, that would be fantastic!


That's it for now! Best regards!


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