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Re: Re: Custom music notation?

From: Pashkuli Keyboard
Subject: Re: Re: Custom music notation?
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2021 15:55:35 +0000

  Thanks, Karlin (my bad)

Hello, Carl and Karlin
Yes, I agree with your remarks regarding "spacing" of pitch, but let me point out that the standard notation also eliminates at least 42% of this by adding accidental symbols and 8va, 15ma amendments where needed. 
The purpose of PMN is to represent pitch by shape and melodic intervals by horizontal position (with some vertical renova changes).
It's main purpose is to be concise and 1:1 representation of the 12 notes (your 1st remark) and clear symbolic view as much as possible (no extra lines, crossing, etc which clutter the view), regardless of any reference scale (your 2nd remark; the Natural major in "standard" notation).

It is more like a "compression" format for music notation.

Yes, I have been aware of Clairnote, though to me it is more like a facelift of the standard notation and also spacy, requires staff and ledger lines (pre-drawn, prepressed on paper, etc.).

I know some modification can be made to Lilypond, that is why I am writing to the user-mail list.
Numbered notes are out of my scope and I would use numbers only for scale and interval (relative form a root note) notation. Numbers are present in my PMN chord and interval notation.

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