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Re: Text Spanner auto expand to end of duration

From: Dimitris Marinakis
Subject: Re: Text Spanner auto expand to end of duration
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 2021 20:35:27 +0200

Excuse my mistake in the tiny example: It is supposed to be a TrillSpanner not a TextSpanner override. 
The tiny example works apparently but the issue still remains in my real-scenario file.
Sorry let me find a better example to highlight the issue in case it was a simple user-error.

On Sat, Feb 6, 2021 at 8:21 PM Dimitris Marinakis <> wrote:
Sorry for resurrecting the thread after months. I ran into a strange bug(?) I think.
Using this code in combination with \partCombine confuses Lilypond and the spanner is terminated mid-bar where the invisible full-measure rest of the other part is hidden. 

I could tweak the right padding but honestly i'm really tired with huge amounts of manual adjustments in complex scores. Anything almost-automatic is a win for me. 

Here is a tiny example:
\version "2.23.0"
#(define (encompass-spanner-duration grob)
   (let* ((rb (ly:spanner-bound grob RIGHT))
          (right-col (ly:item-get-column rb))
          (right-neighbor (ly:grob-object right-col 'right-neighbor)))
     (if (ly:grob? right-neighbor)
         (ly:spanner-set-bound! grob RIGHT right-neighbor))))

instrumentOne = \relative c' {

 c4 d e f |
  R1 |
 \override Score.TextSpanner.after-line-breaking =
d'2\startTrillSpan c | b a |
  b2  g2 | f1 |
  e1\stopTrillSpan |

instrumentTwo = \relative g' {
  R1 |
  g4 a b c |
  \override Score.TextSpanner.after-line-breaking =
 d2\startTrillSpan c | b a |
  g2 f( | e) d |
  e1\stopTrillSpan |

  \new Staff \instrumentOne
  \new Staff \instrumentTwo
  \new Staff \partCombine \instrumentOne \instrumentTwo


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