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Re: page-limit-inter-system-space

From: Richard Shann
Subject: Re: page-limit-inter-system-space
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2021 10:12:59 +0000

On Tue, 2021-02-09 at 16:47 +0000, Carl Sorensen wrote:
> On 2/9/21, 8:57 AM, "lilypond-user on behalf of Richard Shann" <lily
> on behalf of rich
>> wrote:
>     Looking in the second link you gave, where the feature was
> removed, I
>     don't see an explanation as to why it was removed: so I wonder if
> there
>     is some other way of limiting the system to system spacing so
> that it
>     spreads out to fill the page only to a limited extent. I can
> always
>     manually insert blank space after the movement, but it would be
> nicer
>     not to have to design the amount of space every time it happens -
>     indeed nicer not to have to intervene at all.
> The feature was removed because the page-spacing algorithm was
> completely redone.  The new spacing algorithm is more configurable,
> but it is not clear that the default settings are optimal.  It is
> also not clear that users can effectively use the spacing values
> based on the listings in the Notation Reference.  This probably cries
> out for an entry in the Learning Manual about how to use the vertical
> spacing variables.
> Here's a thread that shows some suggestions for changes to the
> default values.  I have not tried them to see how well they work.
> suggestions

Thanks - I've now tested out setting system-system-
spacing.stretchability and I'm pretty sure most people would find the
default value 

system-system-spacing = #'((basic-distance . 12) (minimum-distance . 8) 
(padding . 1) (stretchability . 60))

which is in to be *much* too high (60 => 2 ??).
And I see that the markup to score stretchability also needs to be much
reduced to prevent the titles appearing at the top of the page and the
music much lower.

Thanks again to all who helped.


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