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Re: Error : Lilypond version 2.19.55 Error invoked

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: Error : Lilypond version 2.19.55 Error invoked
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2021 15:05:09 +0100
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Le 11/02/2021 à 14:11, Miguel Abrams a écrit :
Dear community:

I am reaching out for assistance in regard to the following error.  

Although I regard my knowledge of Lilypond to be primary, I have been a more than excited user for over two years now, and have never come across an error which I could not 'somehow' work around, at least until now.

The following error was reported and archived in 2009, by another user (JUNE 3 2019, (2.19.82).

However, I have been unable to find its resolution in the Archive. The error has now happened to my code, and I require some assistance to get by it.


I am using MAC OS 10.13.6 HIgh Sierra, and Lilypond 2.19.55

The compile and subsequent engraver output fails, unless I replace a 'note' with a rest.


v/Parsing...Interpreting music...[8][16][24][32][40][48][56]ERROR: In procedure ly:trampoline:ERROR: Wrong type argument in position 3 (expecting Translator): #<freed cell 0x5e6cb90; GC missed a reference>Exited with return code 1


I provide a clip of the code below where the error is invoked, as shown in between 

the 2 % % marks. The error seems to point to the 2nd last note the 'flagged' measure.

Please note that if I replace that beat with an r8, the compile and engraver run successfully.  

If I leave a note in that position, the error is invoked.

It appears to me, as noted in this email, that the same error had been reported in June 2019.


Also, I am using in this piece the Add Lyrics functionality.



new Staff{   \with {        instrumentName = #"Bass"    }         


              \clef bass            

\set Sta@.midiInstrument = #"acoustic bass"            

\stemDown                              \numericTimeSignature\time 4/4                \key g\minor                  


%BASS VERSE_A          

g,4 d,8 g,4 d,8 c4 |         

 g,8 d,4  r8 d,8 g,8  g,8 d,8 |         

 g,8 d,4 c4 d,4 r8 |         

d,4 g,4 d,8 g,4 d,8 |


c4 g,8 d,4 r8 d,8 g,8 |


g,8 d,4 g,8 d,8 c8 g,4 |         

 r8 d,8 g,4 d,8 g,4 d,8|         

 c,4 g,8 d,4 r8 c,8 g,8 |         

 d,8 g,8 g,4 d,4 d,4 |       

 g,,4. r8 d,8 g,4 c,8 |         

 g,4 c,8 c4 g,8 d,4 |          

d,8 d,4 g,8 d,4 g,4 |          

d,4 g,4 g,,4. r8 r8 |


An assistance will be most appreciated.


This is a garbage collection error. The bug is rooted in
LilyPond's hard core written in C++, so there is not much
that you can do as a user to fix it. Sorry.

What you can do is help understand the problem:

- Does it reproduce with recent versions? LilyPond 2.22
  is a stable version and was released weeks ago. A ton of
  bugs have been fixed since version 2.19.55!

- If not, could you please post your complete code, if
  that is possible regarding copyright, etc.? This way,
  others can try to reproduce it on other machines.

- If not, would you mind sending it to me privately? I
  can confidentially look for unusual code.

- If you do mind: do you have experience with using GDB?

Thank you,
Jean Abou Samra

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