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Re: Problems adding voice with rests

From: Christian Masser
Subject: Re: Problems adding voice with rests
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2021 18:43:26 +0100

Dear Peter,

I fear, this one was easy to miss, given the screenshot you sent us. ;)

It looks like you can put the part we had till now into a lowerVoice variable, with the newly introduced upper voice into another and then partCombine does a pretty good job. I don't know if this is a dirty hack to feed partCombine already polyphonic music, but the result looks decent to me - at least for now.

The doubled stem at the last note might hint that it is a note used in both voices - therefore I would assume it splits again on the next beat?

upperPart = \relative {
s1. |
s4. s8

c( e b4. ~ 4 b,8) |

lowerPart = {
  { <<
    \relative {
      b,4.~( 8 c e  <b~ e,>4.  4 b,8 |
      \stemDown <e) e,>2. ~ \stemDown <e e,>4. c4\rest b8 |
      e,2.~ \hide Stem 4.~ 4 \revert Voice.Stem.transparent s8 |
      f'4.\rest f8\rest
\score {
\new Staff {
  \time 12/8
  \clef "bass"
  \partCombine \upperPart \lowerPart

All the best

Am Mo., 15. Feb. 2021 um 18:18 Uhr schrieb Peter Toye <>:
Kieran, Christian,

There's something we all missed: the tie on the final bass note. Here's the full bar/measure attached. This give as a bit of t problem as the two-voice writing goes on for some time with lots of slurs & ties. So putting the E octave in the top voice means that I can't then use that voice for the higher voice until the slurs stop. Is there an elegant way ff doing this?

Please don't ask me why the final note of the 2nd bar is double-stemmed - I didn't write this :)

Best regards,


Monday, February 15, 2021, 4:59:00 PM, you wrote:

> Hi Peter,

>> Thanks very much - I don't quite see how this solves the rest problem, or does LilyPond always align dots vertically regardless of the horizontal position of the note?

> That’s a preference — the default is to align dots.

>> I find Christian's solution a bit more elegant as it uses only 2 voices.

> Agreed! I prefer it, too.  =)

>> I'd forgotten about \undo - I've not used LP for several months. I still find it a bit odd that there's \unHideNotes but not \UnHide :)

> \undo is a generally-applicable function.
> \unHideNotes is syntactic sugar for use in a single situation.

> Best,
> Kieren.
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