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Frescobaldi and python-poppler-qt5 build failure

From: Andrew Bernard
Subject: Frescobaldi and python-poppler-qt5 build failure
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2021 22:18:44 +1100

Issue #43 stops python-poppler-qt5 being built, and prevents me from
using Frescobaldi on Arch Linux.
According to the github page this project is actively maintained, but
is there anybody currently looking at issues?

It would be great to have it fixed, even if Arch is a minor
distribution in peoples' view. Besides, it affects other Linux distros
as well.

The impact of this is that Frescobaldi will not display the PDF output
in the Music View.

I am never sure if this is the right list to post about Frescobaldi
issues. Apologies if inappropriate.


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