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Partcombine gilssandi

From: Leo Correia de Verdier
Subject: Partcombine gilssandi
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2021 14:36:39 +0200

Dear list!

I’m attempting to use partCombine on a pair of voices that contain glissandi, 
like this:

\version "2.22.1"
{c''8 b' \glissando a'2. }
{e'4 \glissando f'2. }

Is there any way to make that work?

There is also a possibly harder case I will come across in this piece, 
glissandi through headless notes:

\version "2.22.1"
t = \tweak NoteHead.transparent ##t \etc
{ f''8 \glissando
  \temporary \override NoteColumn.glissando-skip = ##t 
  \t e'' \t d'' \t d'' \t c''4 \t b'
  \revert NoteColumn.glissando.skip
  g'1 }
{\repeat unfold 8 f'8
 g'1 }

If the first was is possible, can this work too?


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