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large-scale example projects repositories

From: Tom Brennan
Subject: large-scale example projects repositories
Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2021 10:16:07 -0400


Are there any large-scale, "real-world" lilypond projects available online to view so that I can see how they're organized? I know that I've seen some documentation here and there that describes what you _would_ do if you had a string quartet project, for example, but I'd like to see someone's actual code for a non-trivial project so I can get a sense of how they keep it nice and well-organized. An example of a large-scale project would be a multi-movement orchestral piece, or even a multi-movement chamber piece, like a pierrot ensemble kind of thing, especially one that incorporates some non-trivial customizations with scheme, et al. Definitely there are a thousand ways to organize a project, and I've developed my own way over time that works alright, but if I could see examples of other projects, I might be able to get ideas about improving my productivity.

The docs are pretty sparing when it comes to talking about this point (e.g. I've also found some people online who described what they do, but it would be so much more informative to see this done in practice, especially if it were pieces the community could vote on as being "representative" of a good project organization. There are some medium-scale projects I found on github (e.g., But it would be nice to have a central place to go to search through with keywords or tags, like the snippet repository. Is there something like this already and I just haven't found it yet? Would anyone else be interested in something like that if it doesn't already exist?


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