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Hiding slurs but retaining melismata

From: Brent Annable
Subject: Hiding slurs but retaining melismata
Date: Sat, 3 Jul 2021 17:40:30 +1000

Hi everybody,

I'm preparing some choral motets, and so far I have used slurs to tell the lyric engine where to put the melismata. I am finding the page a little too cluttered, so bow I want to see what the score would look like without the slurs in it. 

When I use \hide Slur, they disappear but the layout and spacing is the same; obviously the engraver still creates them, they just aren't shown. When I remove the engraver, the lyric engine no longer recognises them so the syllables all end up in the wrong place.

Is there a way to tell Lilypond to use the slur indications to position the lyrics, but to tell the slur engraver not to generate them?


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