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wront type for argument: on \note

From: ming tsang
Subject: wront type for argument: on \note
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2021 16:22:24 -0400

Hi lilyponders:

I try to run the following lilypond code. 

\version "2.23.3"
\markup { \note #"16" #1 }

And I got the following error.

Starting lilypond-windows.exe 2.23.3 []...

Processing `C:/Users/yming tsang/Documents/CHOIR_2021/the-Lord-in-His-Holy-temple/'


C:/Users/yming tsang/Documents/CHOIR_2021/the-Lord-in-His-Holy-temple/ error: wrong type for argument 1. Expecting duration, found "16"

\markup { \note

#"16" #1 }

C:/LilyPond_2-23-3/usr/share/lilypond/current/scm/lily/lily.scm:973:21: In procedure reverse! in _expression_ (ly:parse-file file-name):

C:/LilyPond_2-23-3/usr/share/lilypond/current/scm/lily/lily.scm:973:21: Wrong type argument in position 1: (1 "16" . #f)

Exited with return code 1.


Thank you.
yMing Tsang  
ming (lyndon) tsang

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