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Book building help

From: Mark Probert
Subject: Book building help
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2021 15:58:32 +1000

Hi, again.

The task I'm attempting is to create an equivalent of a fake book. I'm 
creating a tune in concert (C) and then collating it with other tunes 
using \bookpart. That works fine for the most part. The problem is when 
I want to have the fake book transposed (say for Ees). I end up with a 
structure like:

\include "tune_a.ily"
\include "tune_b.ily"

\book {
  \bookpart {
    \score {
       \transpose c a { \tune_a }
  \bookpart {
    \score {
       \transpose c a { \tune_b }
   % etc.

Which is a pain if I have a lot of tunes, I'm repeating this for each 
key (for jazz it is common to have C, Bes, and Ees versions) and a mess 
if I want to reorder tunes, make edits, and so on. 

Is there a better and cleaner way to approach this problem?

TIA .. mark.

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