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Re: error :GUILE signaled an error for the expression beginning here #

From: David Wright
Subject: Re: error :GUILE signaled an error for the expression beginning here #
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2021 22:56:23 -0500
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On Sun 18 Jul 2021 at 21:03:12 (-0400), ming tsang wrote:

> I lost track of the author who updated the snippet id 197 recently. I
> adapted to display the UTF-8 character in file path (location) and file
> name.
> I did some test:
> 1.  file location path that contains UTF-8 character and no UTF-8 character
> in file name.
> 2.  no UTF-8 character on the location path but has UTF-8 character on the
> file name.
> 3.  Both file location path and file name contain UTF-8 characters.
> All three tests were successful - i.e. able to display UTF-8 characters.
> However, I cannot open the lilypond in file manager by frecobaldi v3.1.3.
> The files are only able to be open inside frecobaldi by file>open; select
> the right file on the 1,2,3 tests.
> Thank Knute for opening up a problem with frecobaldi to resolve this issue.
> Thank you everyone for helping. I hope I didn't miss anyone.

A couple of years ago, you wrote "Question: Window 10 support UTF-8
file name and lilypond does not. Is there any work around?"
I remain unconvinced, but I'm not a Windows user, so it's difficult
to experiment.
which is a page metadated Mar 29 18:57, says "Windows filesystems
use Unicode encoded as UTF-16 to store filename information."

So I think it's likely that you're not creating filenames containing
UTF-8 characters, but that you're reencoding UTF-8 characters as
UTF-16 ones. UTF-8 characters can occupy any number of bytes up to
four, whereas UTF-16 characters can only occupy either two or four
bytes, but not one or three. In addition, UTF-16 is byte-order
sensitive, whereas UTF-8 isn't.

My guess, though, would be that Frescobaldi can handle four-byte
UTF-16 characters when asked to open a file, but might not be
correctly parsing the same characters when a filename is handed
to it by the file manager. I suppose you have to wait for #1379
to be resolved.


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