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Re: Strange staff/system spacing

From: 田村淳
Subject: Re: Strange staff/system spacing
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2021 18:36:56 +0900

Hello Jean and Lukas,

I’ve just realized that my problem might be due to inappropriate use of:

page-breaking = #ly:page-turn-breaking

If I comment out the above line in the \paper block, the problem goes away.

I will investigate further.



> 2021/07/27 1:09、田村淳 <>のメール:
> Hello Lukas and Jean,
> Thanks for your offer. Here is a zip archive containing all the source files 
> to generate the harpsichord part. “” should be compiled.
> If you uncomment the last line of “BWV_1044_header.ily” to make \edition an 
> empty string, the result would be fine.
> Note that there are some Scheme codes in:
> bracketify.ily
> decorateSlur.ily
> parenthesized_dynamics.ily
> “bracketify.ily” code is mostly by Harm (Thomas Morley) on this list.
> “decorateSlur.ily” code is mostly by Aaron Hill on this list.
> “parenthesized_dynamics.ily” code is from LSR, I recall.
> Thanks again and best regards.
> Jun
> <20210727 for>
>> 2021/07/27 0:22、Jean Abou Samra <>のメール:
>> Le 26/07/2021 à 15:58, 田村淳 a écrit :
>>> Hello!
>>> I’m about to finish one project but I’ve encountered a very strange 
>>> problem. I have no idea where to start looking into. And I don’t think I 
>>> can produce a tiny example easily.
>>> This is the first 2 pages of 25-page harpsichord part:
>>> [attachment 1]
>>> Everything looked nice. Then, I added one line of text in the footer on 
>>> each page and this changed to:
>>> [attachment 2]
>>> The third page onward still look fine.
>>> Could someone give me an advice as to where to start?
>> Gives dizzy feelings. I cannot imagine this being anything but a bug.
>> If you're unable to make a minimal example, could you send the complete file 
>> so we can analyze what's going on?
>> Thanks,
>> Jean

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