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Re: Assistance to Create a Recipe for 41-EDO and "Kite Guitar" Tablature

From: devin
Subject: Re: Assistance to Create a Recipe for 41-EDO and "Kite Guitar" Tablature
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2021 07:24:33 -0400
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Thank you; I will do some research.

On 2021-07-28 13:49, Stefan Thomas wrote:
Dear Devin,
there's also the "society for ekmelic music"  in Salzburg, Austria.
They also support mictronal notation with lilypond.
Have a look at
Maybee this helps You!

Hi All,

I need help from users who have some experience with microtonality
(or overrides in general) in Lilypond to create a recipe for
lilypond notation for the Kite Guitar ( [1]). The Kite
Guitar uses 41 equal divisions of the octave in a clever way, which
balances practicality with playability to get a very close
approximation to 7-limit Just Intonation. I have made some attempts,
but I don't really know Lilypond so well that I can create a handy
recipe such as this. I did some research and found which is helpful, but I am unable to make
the necessary tweaks with my limited knowledge. (I am happy to send
over what I tried to do, but as my attempts have only failed I do
not want to confuse anyone.)

The overarching specs are:
1. 41 Equal Divisions of the Octave

2. Frets are spaced two EDO-steps apart (i.e. 2 of the 41)
3. Strings are tuned 13 EDO-steps apart (i.e. 13 of the 41)

^^Lilypond will either need to find the pitch, or allow the user to
override the current calculation as what I am getting is for a
standard guitar.


4. There are Sharps and Flats, but there are also upwards "^",
double-upwards "^^", downwards "v", and "double-downwards "vv". (see ) 5. There needs to be
some way to set upwards/downwards in the key signature. ^^ it would
be super-nice if this could be done globally, so that a composer can
focus on the music-making


6. Support for chord charts such as
Any help is appreciated. The growing community of Kite Guitar
players would really appreciate this (many of whom are fellow
software libre supporters/advocates). Also, I can send over some
sample scores created with MuseScore once I receive permission to
share them.

Thanks in Advance!


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