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Re: Assistance to Create a Recipe for 41-EDO and "Kite Guitar" Tablature

From: Graham Breed
Subject: Re: Assistance to Create a Recipe for 41-EDO and "Kite Guitar" Tablature
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2021 18:12:29 +0100

You already found my page about microtonal usage of LilyPond.  I
specifically used LilyPond with tripod notation, which is not far off
a tablature for Kite guitar.  You can get the PDF about it and the
source code for generating it, which includes LilyPond code, from

I have updated some of that, but I still keep an old version of
LilyPond around to avoid various regressions.  I haven't been through
the new method explained in this thread, which does look interesting.

You have an additional problem if you want a guitar tablature, though.
>From what I can see that's all based on a function for returning equal
tempered semitones.  Adapting that for microtonal use will be an
entirely different question that I don't think anybody's looked at.
But it would certainly be useful to be able to generalize the position
of the frets and add accidentals — and in this case you won't need the
accidentals.  What you probably need is a variant of "scordablature"
that will put notes on the right frets as if they were 12-equal.
You'll also need to set the open string tunings accordingly.


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