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How to make a macro of articulation marks?

From: H. S. Teoh
Subject: How to make a macro of articulation marks?
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2021 17:52:33 -0700


In my Lilypond score I have a bunch of notes I want to highlight in MIDI
without changing the appearance of the printed score, so I have stuff

        a-.-\tag #'midi -\> b-.-\tag #'midi -\> c-.-\tag #'midi -\> d-.-\tag 
#'midi -\>

Stuff tagged #'midi is removed in the printed score with \removeWithTag,
but intact in the MIDI score.

Obviously, this is a pain to type; is there a simple way to factor the
repeated tags into a macro, so that I can e.g. type instead:

        a-.\midiEmph b-.\midiEmph c-.\midiEmph d-.\midiEmph


I tried:

        midiEmph = \tag #'midi -\>
        a-.\midiEmph b-.\midiEmph c-.\midiEmph d-.\midiEmph

but the accent appears to just get dropped silently. What am I doing


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